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Talking about Montéria and the critical need of trusted dogs, not only to hunt but to secure your life and provide companionship in the harsh Patagonian wilderness, we must then introduce the powerful and loyal Dogo Argentino.

It was Dr Antonio Nores Martinez’s vision to develop the ideal hunting dog. Along with his brother, he began to design what would become man’s most trusted and reliable Montéria companion. This was a herculean task as the process of creating the Dogo Argentino we have today was a tough process and many set backs were encountered, including the untimely death of Dr Antonio Nores Martinez himself.


The combination of qualities required to create this superbreed were diverse and the most high performing breeds were assembled. Ten breeds make up the final Dogo, all carefully selected for their size, strength, fearlessness, physicality, instinctive hunting and tracking sense, vivacity and loyalty. On top of all this, the Dogo needed to be a safe family dog.

The starting point was the famed Cordoba Fighting Dog for it’s bravery and tenacity. The Spanish Mastiff provided raw power and a large mouth, the Pointer for smell, the Boxer for vivacity, dexterity and familial docility, the Great Dane for sheer size, the Bull Terrier added courage, the Irish Wolfhound brought unrivalled instinctive wild game tracking ability, the Dogue de Bordeaux contributed powerful muscle mass and jaw strength and the Great Pyrenees gave the Dogo it’s dense white coat.

Dogo’s are known for their immense courage and bravery. When out hunting wild boars and pumas, or other big game, a strong and well trained pack of Dogo’s by your side is imperative.



Designed to be man’s most trusted and reliable Montéria and life companion