For those seeking to experience the “trail life” and the spirit of some of the wildest areas of Argentina, then we offer horseback trail trips. The duration of the ride can be set by you with the intention of immersing yourself in the culture, landscapes and riding. This is the chance to delve deeper into the Patagonian wilderness to truly connect to the lands and your horse. These trips can span various areas of Patagonia depending on the locations you wish to see and the length of the trip.

“Equestrian travel is not merely about covering vast amounts of mileage. It is the journey you and your horse take together to reach the borders of an otherwise invisible place. It is a journey you see from the top of that altar of freedom, your saddle. It is an antidote to the world’s obsession with speed because the three-mile-per-hour pace of your horse forces you to slow down your body, which in turn results in the opening of your spirit. Thus an equestrian journey does not merely transport you along the physical road stretching ahead, more importantly it allows you to ride on the secret trail traced deep inside your soul.”

CuChullaine O’Reilly, founder of The Long Riders Guild