Join us for a hunting trip by 4×4 with our trained pack of Sighthounds. As we custom build the trip in partnership with you, with no more than 3 people in the group, you really get to enjoy an authentic Argentinian Sighthound hunt. 

Hunting with Sighthounds is a remarkable experience as their innate breeding comes to life when coursing their prey. As you watch them perform as they were originally bred to do, you can see how their natural athleticism and ability to sense their preys movement comes together seamlessly. Their ancient breeding ensures they have a strong instinct for coursing and ability to catch their prey by sheer speed. 

Our pack of hunting Sighthounds revolves around the magnificent Galgo Patagonico. These descendants of the Irish Wolfhound possess a unique bravery and speed which makes them fearless whilst on a hunt and able to pursue both large and small game with equal tenacity. 

Our hunting trips take place in the wilds of Patagonia. By working closely with locals of the region we are able to remain authentic and true to the traditional methods. The hunting is always done in a traditional way, never using firearms. We carry knifes to ensure the kill is completed quickly and effectively, however in general the dogs have always finished their job efficiently through to the end.