Growing up in Northern Italy, I always loved the outdoors and animals. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design in Milan, I worked as a professional freelance photographer for a few years. 

Realising that ‘big city life’ wasn’t for me, I spent a decade travelling the world, exploring life and looking for my call and place. 

Whilst developing a Permaculture project in Eastern Asia for a few years, I finally understood that connecting to nature and meaningful people is what I was after. 

I recently completed a solo, self conducted horseback journey over a thousand miles through some of the most raw, desolate and rugged parts of Patagonia from South to North. It was through experiencing the stunning melancholic beauty of these lands, connecting with its people, horses, dogs and hunting culture, that I was able to truly define myself and what I am after in life. 

Living these kinds of experiences can lead to a real internal shift, opening up your perspective of life at any stage. 

Having now made Patagonia my home and base, my underlying purpose and hope of this project is to assist people seeking a true metamorphosis in their lives to make a firm step towards achieving personal transformation. 

Instagram:  wahchadero