Your experience will be uniquely tailored to your needs, desires and ability. After a consultation with myself, your ride will be carefully crafted to provide a horseback journey that transcends expectations. 

Guided by myself and a highly experienced local horseman, who is a trusted personal friend of mine, you will traverse the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Patagonia, Central Argentina and Tierra del Fuego.

Whether you wish to experience horseback hunting, explore the rugged and haunting beauty of the landscapes, learn more about the true and rapidly disappearing lifestyle of these remote lands, or spend time working on a ranch with cattle and horses, our rides enable you to delve deeper into the journey by listening and tailoring the journey to you. 

To guarantee the best possible experience, we welcome groups up to a maximum of three people of already experienced riders. Please note that we don’t randomly mix people together, but if you are a solo rider who wishes to meet interesting and likeminded people, then we can discuss the suitability of joining an existing group. Or, we can accomodate those who wish to ride solo. 

You will be taken care of from the airport transfer, provided with authentic local food, hearing about local folklore and customs, to enjoying a hot “mate”, the traditional Argentine “tea”, after a long day riding in the bush. 

We personally look forward to connecting with the people who choose to join us on our rides and wish each journey to be an enriching experience each time.